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Rimadesio produces systems for sub-dividing environments and for the architectural definition of internal spaces. Doors, sliding panels, shelving units, walk-in wardrobes and a collection of complementary furniture: an offer which is constantly increasing in size and which is forever evolving its style. Linear and concrete designs wherein the simplicity of a concept is expressed through an exceptional level of technical competence. Highly-stylised objects, made to guarantee a superb look, but which still lend themselves to daily life, to a natural use that corresponds to the concept of contemporary living advanced by the company.

Glass, which is a pure and ecological material, plays the most important part in the collection. All work on it is carried out entirely in the company's production department, this being possible as a result of a technical know-how gained over 50 years' experience in this field.

Rimadesio' s aim is to continue to develop its own design culture and production technology in order to be able to offer functionally innovative ideas which are exclusive from an aesthetic point of view and can ensure maximum reliability over time.


Between rasionalism and naturalness: the architecture of Rimadesio’s corporate headquarters shows completely the conceptual vision of the firm.

Designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, with a 1000 mq surface, the building is characterized by wide windows that overlook on the green and that make the light, the absolute protagonist of interiors.

The atmosphere is committed to transparent glass, one of the raw materials of Rimadesio: sliding doors Siparium system create dynamics spaces in complete continuity with each other.

An architecture of communication which reflects a way of work based on complementarity between different expertise.

The corporate headquarter Rimadesio gathers up all the thought processes that articulate the Company life: from Sales Department to Research and Development, from technical and information support to all administrative activities.

adi membership

Since 2013 Rimadesio is member of ADI, the Association for the Industrial Design. Founded in 1956, ADI is an international reality, respresenting today one of the main meeting points between designers, companies and academia related to design.

Through its annual publication ADI Design Index, the Association collects the best Italian design every year, selected by the permanent Observatory of Design ADI. The Rimadesio collection has been awarded of the prestigious acknowledgement three times over the years.

Since1962 ADI also manages the Compasso d'Oro Award, the first acknowledgement in Europe in the design field, created in 1954 following an idea of Gio Ponti.

Supporter of a culturally-aware project design, ADI joins more than 1000 members, whose values are inspired by ethical responsibility towards people, society and the environment, aimed at affecting the techniques, technology and industrial cycles, in order to boost research, sustainable innovation and new aesthetic values.


Innovation is a constant feature of the Rimadesio Collection.

The skill to provide original answers for functional requirements, to imagine new solutions for daily use of spaces in order to reach beyond the limitations of usual methods.

This key component of each new proposal has been assigned prestigious international acknowledgements from reviews and associations.

1993 Siparium Young & Design 1993

2000 Zenit Award KBB

2001 Zenit Selected for Design Index ADI 2001

2002 Siparium Top 100 Frames

2005 Graphis Selected for Design Index ADI 2005

2007 Vela Selected for Design Index ADI 2007

2008 Vela Selected for XXI Premio Compasso d’Oro ADI

2015 Wind Red Dot Award for Living rooms and bedrooms

2016 Cover AZ Awards 2016 'Best Furniture System'

2016 Alambra Selected for Design Index ADI 2016

2017 Sail Selected for Design Index ADI 2017

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