Roberto Lazzeroni


Hakuna Matata is an armchair with frame in sand-blasted matte black-stained solid ash.‎

Its name is a declaration of intent: named after the famous expression which in Swahili means “no worries”, with its decisive and compact curved lines it suggests an unprecedented approach to the time we spend in the garden as well as in the home.‎ From the backrest, which draws a small arch in the part that connects it to the wide, gently concave seat, to the two solid legs on which it rests firmly, this item designed by Roberto Lazzeroni smiles reassuringly at us in its uniqueness.‎
Conceived as a sculptural figure capable both of informing the space in which we decide to place it with its presence, and of welcoming us in the embrace of its generous proportions, it is playful in relation to the other elements that furnish the outdoors and informal next to those in a living room, bedroom or study.‎