Allure is a coffee tables set with black-stained MDF frame with matte varnish.‎
Available in three different finishings: glossy antiqued alpacca (Ø110 excluded), glossy antiqued copper and glossy antiqued brass.‎

Frame: black-stained MDF frame with glossy varnish.‎
Top: removable protective film in multilayer polyester.‎

A series of coffee tables that interprets the circle in three different scales and defines a single one for the rectangular version, balancing an ideal equilibrium of proportions, offering for geometry a contemporary interpretation, combining the experience of the most classic forms with the demands of everyday furnishing.‎ It is the design we have come to know and love over time that takes on a new lease of life.‎‎ The handmade workmanship makes each table unique; the varied surface of the top, sometimes smooth and mirrored, sometimes oxidised, accompanies us into a dreamlike dimension.‎ We glimpse moving, almost holographic images of the world we know, dense shadows and shades, ever changing.‎