Bourgeois is an oval table designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez.‎

Base in sandblasted cast iron.‎ Dark stained and natural-oil finished solid canaletto walnut top or dark charcoal-grey stained and natural-oil finished ash top.‎
Wood is a living material and thus in time it can undergo slight colour and dimension variations.‎ During the seasoning phase, the solid wood moves even according to the different weather and dampness conditions in the air.‎
During the first months, the objects which lay on the tops must be periodically shifted since wood, finished with natural substances, is light sensitive and oxidizes, creating colour differences between the exposed and covered parts.‎


Ø160 h74 cm

Ø180 h74 cm

250 x 130 h74 cm

300 x 110 h74 cm

300 x 140 h74 cm