Baxter P.


RONCHAMP is a table designed by Baxter P.‎
Top in matte Bianco Gioia marble and grey resin with water-repellent protective oil.‎ Aluminium honeycomb support.‎ Leather-covered polimex legs.‎
The organic nature of the epoxy resin, as finishing and construction system for artifacts, entails the variability of the color over time.‎
Its artisanal application, which makes the table an artistic work, leads to a lack of uniformity, micro deformities and presence of micro holes due to the impossibility of having a total elimination of air within the hardening times.‎
Any surface blemishes are attributable to the type of material, to the craftsmanship and to the naturalness of stones, can be resin-filled and are not to be considered as defects.‎
Blocks and slabs visibly vary as these are natural stones; all pictures are just a rough guide.‎