Baxter P.


Atlas is a carpet designed by Baxter P.‎
This rug is completely hand-knotted in Kathmandu, Nepal.‎ Weft and warp in cotton and hand-spun and hand-carded Tibetan wool (800gr/mq cotton, 60% wool and 30% Indian “sari silk”).‎ The fleece is knotted with the “cut pile” technique and refined on different levels.‎
For the routine maintenance of the carpets, we suggest to vacuum them, in order to remove dust and other residues.‎ It might happen that, during a first period, some fibres come off from the carpet.‎ This is absolutely normal.‎ The wool and/or silk carpets always have some excess fibres, which disappear gradually with the normal use.‎ In order to get a uniform exposure to light and to trampling, we suggest to rotate the carpet regularly.‎ We also recommend removing stains immediately.‎ Proceed with caution in order not to damage the fibres.‎