Meble-stoły-rimadesio-tables-Long Island-i5.jpg
  • Meble-stoły-rimadesio-tables-Long Island-i5.jpg
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  • Meble-stoły-rimadesio-tables-Long Island-i8.jpg
  • Meble-stoły-rimadesio-tables-Long Island-i9.jpg
  • Meble-stoły-rimadesio-tables-Long Island-i23.jpg

Long Island Rimadesio Table

Giuseppe Bavuso


A system of tables with an essential and refined look, consistent with the unique Rimadesio philosophy.Available in different shapes and dimensions, as well as in the new extensible version, Long Island combines rigorous aesthetic, technological research, and expressive innovation. The unique variety of the available finishes allows a naturalcombination with the other proposals of the collection.

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