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Alambra Rimadesio Sideboard bookstands

Giuseppe Bavuso


Alambra: the system of sideboards developing a concept of cabinets defined by a total transparency, available with a floor base or with legs and two, four or six doors. Alambra sideboards doors are available with or without horizontal crosspieces. The crosspieces solution was introduced by the sliding panels Stripe and the swing and sliding door Even.The Alambra design minimizes the aluminum structural thickness, thus maximizing the clear glass and the LED lighting system, which is built into the shelves. On this and the following page: middle room Alambra cabinet with black aluminum frame, doors and shelves in transparent gray glass, equipped with integrated LED lighting system. Sides and back in gray reflective glass.Base and top in black oak. A proposal combining the design severity with subtle and formal versions of the classic cabinets for the living area.